A timely replacement of sliding door hardware is important for maintaining its security and isolation qualities. Besides, it may prevent the damage of the door leaf, which may happen if the hardware has worn out and the door has changed its correct position. In case you’ve noticed your sliding door started to tight slide or got jammed, and you need to put more effort to open or close it, the problems may be related to wheels or rollers.
Sliding Door Rollers Miami
Ignoring the issue will only exacerbate it. Besides, your safety and the safety of your house may suffer too. So, you’d better save your money and nerves and call 24hr Sliding Door Repairs.

What may grow into a breakage?

The main problems, which may prevent normal functioning of the sliding door wheels and rollers are:

  • It may become an obstacle for smooth sliding if accumulated on the rollers and roller track;
  • Worn out wheels/rollers. Wrong shape of the details doesn’t let them move the way they are supposed to. Besides, the door may sag as wheels and rollers wear away.
  • Moist and salty air of the East Coast may significantly damage wheels and rollers if they are made of steel. A growing friction makes you apply more power to slide the door causing even greater damage.
  • Missing screws. In case these tiny details fall out or just get loose, your door may jump out of track.

What kind of services we offer

Our skillful technicians can perform all kinds of wheels/rollers repair job including:

  • Changing of guide rollers made of plastic, stainless steel, nylon or metal;
  • Replacement of bearing wheel type rollers;
  • Installation of ball bearing, V-type, U-type and high-accuracy wheels and rollers;
  • Cleaning the roller track of debris;
  • Installation, replacement or tightening of absent or loose screws.

Sliding Door Wheels in Miami

Besides, the specialists at 24hr Sliding Door Repair are ready to consult you on how to take care of the sliding doors to make them work without repairing longer.

What are our advantages?

We do our best to provide the clients with an ultimate service and quality of job. All experts at 24hr Sliding Door Repair have an insurance and are specially trained to cope with any task concerning wheels and rollers repair. In addition, we guarantee you:

  • Providing of written assessment of the cost of work needed to be done;
  • Fast arrival within 1 hour after your call;
  • 24/7 availability of service;
  • Same day service;
  • Quick and quality work;
  • Emergency service;
  • Free estimation;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for the installed hardware;
  • Reasonable prices.

Though it may seem quite easy, do not try to fix or change sliding door wheels/ rollers by yourself. Lack of knowledge, skills and professional tools may result in damaged door or even injury. Entrust this job to the professionals. It will save your time, money and efforts.