Cracks, notches and hacks seriously deteriorate protective qualities and energy efficiency of sliding door broken glass, let alone the situations when it gets completely broken. Glass is hazardous for both people and animals as they may get cut. Hence, such issues with your sliding door need quick solution and 24hr Sliding Door Repair is ready to provide you with it.

Broken Glass Door in Miami FL


What kind of services we offer?

Striving for an ultimate customer service, our company specialists work with all kinds of sliding door materials and glass. We can replace:

  • Standard and non-standard size glass panels;
  • Single and dual pane glass;
  • Regular or Low-emissivity glass panels;
  • Non-tinted or any shade of tint glass;
  • Glass fitted into wood, aluminum or fiber-glass frame;

Besides, you can choose among the types of glass to install:

  • Impact glass. This kind of glass will be perfect if you have kids as they may accidentally throw a ball into the door;
  • Textured glass. Such glass can provide you with lots of lights and privacy at the same time;
  • Stained glass. It gives the possibility to create a unique design of the door made of wood;
  • Toughened glass. Except that it is very strong, when being broken this kind of glass crumbles into small pieces thus reducing the risk of injury.

Sliding door broken glass replacement means you will also get new seals and weather-stripping installation. In addition, you may also get a free consultation on energy efficiency and security level of your sliding door glass improvement.

What are the pros of using our services?

Working with glass needs special skills as this material is fragile and one wrong move can damage it. Technicians at 24hr Sliding Door Repair are all certified and insured, so there’s no need to worry about the safety. Besides, you are sure to get:

  • Top-notch service;
  • Fast arrival to the place of a call;
  • Emergency Service;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty on all types of glass installed;
  • 24/7 availability of service;
  • Written assessment of the project cost;
  • Estimation free of charge.

Broken glass door Miami

Our specialist will arrive to your place and do all necessary measurements for a new glass panel. Besides, they may inspect your sliding door for any other signs of damage to make sure it will function properly after new glass installation.

You should never try to change your sliding door glass by yourself. It is very heavy and special knowledge is required to install it. Furthermore, sliding door glass panels are not the same as regular glass stock, so you won’t be able even to cut it to the size and shape you need. In addition, your wrong choice of glass may result in serious injury once it gets broken.

That’s why you’d better call 24hr Sliding Door Repair and be sure of the quality and durability of the material and the job done. Save your time, energy and money and leave your sliding door glass to the professionals.